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Production Items

List of Production Items
Power Transmission Equipments: a)Different types of power transmission pulleys for V wedge and flat belts weld on hub, belt on hubs with taper shaft adapters.

b)Different types of Clutches: e.g. overload slipping clutches for marine and industrial application. Cone clutches Dry plate clutches, Pneumatic clutch cum Breaks.

c)Different types of shaft couplings: e.g. Flexible coupling pin and bush type, gear couplings, Rubber cushion couplings, rigid couplings flanged type, muff couplings.
Material Handling Equipments and Spares : a)Different types of Cranes :- e.g. H.O.T., E.O.T., and Jib cranes, and davits.

b)Conveyors:- Screw Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, Chain Conveyors, and Bucket Eievators.

c)Storage Bunkers, Discharging Systems: Screw type and Rotary valves.

d)Powder storage cum Batch mixing silos.

e)Complete power handling, storage and discharge system.
Chemical Equipments: a)Reaction pot and stirrer arrangement.

b)Lead smelting rotary furnace.

c)Ball mill.

d)Automatic lead ingot casting machine.

e)Pin Mixer and granulator.


g)Molten lead pumps.
Gear Boxes: Helical & Spur type, Tailor made special application Gear boxes including Crane Gear boxes.
Hydraulic drive units including Power Packs and Cylinders. Hydraulic drive units including Power Packs and Cylinders.
General Engineering Spares: a)Supply of all kinds of Mechanical spares for equipments including Development detail designing in our drawing office with C.A.D. facility. We are supplying spares to Indian Rare Earth Ltd., National Aluminium Co. Ltd., Paradip Port Trust, Bharat Coking Coal Ltd., Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd., Various spares and Steel casting, Molding, Heat treatment, Fabrication and assembly work.

b)Plant Automation :-
Turnkey execution from designing to commissioning of various system in plants including Rolling mills, Bright box mills, Boiler manufacturing plant, Electric Motor manufacturing plant etc.

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