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Quality Control

Quality Control And Inspection
Procurement of raw materials / components:-

M.S. items e.g. Plates, Rounds, Angles, and Channels etc.: Chemical composition is checked before purchase and visual inspection carried out for any irregularity. Ultrasonic flaw checks and tensile, percentage Elongation and bend tests done in case of specific requirements of plates, items stamped for identification.

Forged items e.g. C-45, EN-8, Hardness is tested for composition with specification. Only for main load carrying member, ultimate tensile strength, yield stress and percentage elongation are checked and items stamped for identification. In specific cases ultrasonic or Radio – graphic examination is done.
For Semi finished materials:-

Cast Steel items – Chemical composition, U.T.S., Y.S., percentage elongation and B.H.N. are checked as per job requirement and items stamped for identification. The casting is also checked dimensionally. For Gear casting, tooth portion is checked ultrasonically.

Cast Iron items – Dimensionally and visually checked. For load carrying items U.T.S. of Test Bars are also checked and items stamped for identification.
For Finished materials:-

(Electric motor and miscellaneous Mechanical items) Items are routine tested at makers’ work which are witnessed in certain cases and routine test certificates obtained from manufacturers. Also items are dimensionally checked.
During manufacture :-

Machined items: - Items are checked for dimension and items passing inspection are kept in store for further processing.

Fabrication items: - Items are checked after fabrication by D.P. test also ultrasonically test when required to detect any cracks or welding defects. Approved items are finally checked on completion of fabrication.

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