Testing Facilities Techno-Aid

Testing Facilities

List of Testing Facilities
External Micrometers:-

a) 0 25 mm Mitutoyo make
b) 25 50 mm -Do-
c) 50 150 mm -Do-
d) 150 300 mm -Do-
Internal Micrometers:-

a)50 500 mm Mitutoyo make
Vernier Callipers:-

a)0 14" Schweitzer make
b)0 150 mm Mitutoyo make
c)0 24" -Do-
Bevel Angle protractor 12" Mitutoyo make
Thread Gages,Feeler Gages, Radious Gages etc. German make
Special gauges for V-Pulleys,Groove profile gauges.
Maximum and minimum groove angle gauges and roller gauges pitch circle diameter measurement of V. Pulley.
Fixture for check-up of bore concentricity.
38 100 mm of bore dial gauges Mitutoyo make
Dial indicator with magnetic stand.
Hardened and ground plug gauges for various sizes.
Static balancing arrangement for small and bigger size pulleys.
9 Precision Engineers Level Rabone and Chesterman make.
Test Rigs for Torque testing of - Slipping Clutch cum Coupling and Pneumatic Clutch cum Brake.

Other Testing

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